Republican Committee of Chester County

Area 4

East Coventry, South Coventry, Spring City, East Vincent

No. Precinct name Polling location Committee people
160 East Coventry 1 Ridge Fire House
480 Ridge Road / Route 23
Spring City
Missy King
Michael Moyer
165 East Coventry 2 Parkerford Baptist Church
92 Baptist Church Road
Parker Ford
Howard Sacks
Melissa Sacks
680 East Vincent 1 Spring City Fellowship Church
540 Glass Ave.
Spring City
Marietta Gies
Cynthia Zoccali
681 East Vincent 2 Spring City Elementary School
190 S. Wall St.
Spring City
Andrew Maenza
Denise Wilson
682 East Vincent 3 E Vincent United Church of Christ
282 Hill Church Rd.
Spring City
Daniel Dougherty
Jane Peronteau
683 East Vincent 4 Grace Assembly Of God
1271 W. Bridge Street
Spring City
Rob Minninger
170 South Coventry Owen J. Roberts Middle School
881 Ridge Road
Rebecca McCreary
Mark Wolfrey
560 Spring City 1 Bard Complex
201 S. Main St
Spring City
Rick Schroeder
Gayle Kern
565 Spring City 2 First United Church Of Christ
Memorial Hall
145 Chestnut St.
Spring City
570 Spring City 3 Spring City Public Library
245 Broad St
Spring City
Timothy Mayer
575 Spring City 4 Spring City Public Library
245 Broad St
Spring City