Republican Committee of Chester County

Terence Farrell


Terence Farrell began his 1st term as Commissioner on January 7, 2008, and his he served as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015. Under his leadership, the board advanced its development of a strategic plan to increase efficiency in the county's operations, passed a balanced budget without raising taxes and reaffirmed the county's award-winning open space preservation program for the next decade. The county has received numerous awards for its superior quality of life, for a government and citizenry that has indeed made it "healthy, wealthy and wise." Under Mr. Farrell's supervision, the county installed online streaming video of the Commissioners' public meetings to increase government transparency (available at Going forward, Commissioner Farrell believes we must meet the fiscal challenges imposed by reductions in state and federal funding to the county, while still providing the quality of services our citizens have come to expect in an accountable, responsible manner.

Terence has strong Chester County roots, having grown up on the campus of Lincoln University, where his parents were professors. He has two adult sons and a granddaughter.

Terence believes in the power of an education. His parents emphasized the importance of education and instilled in him the concept of life-long learning. As a result, Terence has achieved many educational goals: he is a licensed Realtor, holds a Bachelor's degree in English from Carleton College, and Graduate Certificates in Public Administration and Public Personnel Administration from Indiana State University.