Republican Committee of Chester County

Qirong Wu

Delegate to the Republican National Convention

Qirong is a long-term Republican voter and solid Trump supporter, she holds a Ph.D. degree in Science from Brigham Young University. Qirong lives in Chester County Pennsylvania. Qirong is one of the founders of Asian American GOP Coalition.

Together with other delegates, Qirong is recommended by the President’s team to run this delegate position and endorsed by Chester County Republican Party.

Qirong organized PA Chinese Americans for Trump camp in 2016, mobilized the grassroots across the United States to support the Trump camp in PA. Qirong is a strong believer of “America First”.

During 2016 Trump camp, Qirong successfully recruited 88 volunteers canvassing team, Qirong led the team and
 Knocked close to 22,000 PA homes and hand delivered more than 30,000 self designed Trump flyers in PA;
 Ran the aerial campaign with 6 planes carrying the following banners “PA Chinese Americans for Trump” “Asian American for Trump” across Philadelphia and its suburban area.
 Put up Trump-supporting billboards along the busy PA highways
 Organized 50 remote volunteers for a mail campaign targeting swing voters based on sophisticated statistical models, mailed out 5,000 letters and made 4,500 phone calls to the undecided voters
 Drafted 70 remote volunteers for Tweeter action; formed a calling group for phone banking;
 Arranged front page Trump Policy ads in 5 major Chinese newspapers across the East Coast
The hard work of Qirong and her team were recognized by President’s team in 2016, and in a “Thank you” letter from Meredith Glacken, RNC Deputy Statewide Director for PA, it was stated that “…. the hard work of grassroots volunteers was what put us over the top. The number of doors knocked by your group throughout the election cycle were more than any other volunteer group in the state….”
4 years is too short for President Trump to drain the swamp, decrease the huge trade deficit between US and China and keep America Great. America need Trump for another 4 years.

Qirong’ s future mission is to promote and to advocate conservative values to Chinese and Asian American communities. We aim to help the Republican party and Trump admin to expand its voter base among Asian Americans and beyond, through candidate sponsorship, cross-cultural communication, and local outreach.