Republican Committee of Chester County

Judge Christylee Peck

Superior Court Judge

Court of Common Pleas Judge-elected 2011

Judge Christylee Peck serves on the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas, where she has served since 2012. During her term, she has excelled in her administration of justice, and contributes broadly to the state's legal community. Her experience extends beyond the bench, having previously served as the lead prosecutor for child abuse and other violent crimes. Throughout her career Christylee has consistently worked to bring together law enforcement, victims, and their advocates in order to make communities more safe. Judge Peck knows what it is like to work with all stakeholders in the system to find justice and fairness.

Prior to being elected as a judge, Judge Peck prosecuted the worst of society in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office as part of the child abuse unit. She then moved to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office where she prosecuted violent criminal offenders who committed homicides, rapes, robberies, and crimes against children.

Judge Peck has lived in Pennsylvania all of her life and is dedicated to serving its citizens. She earned her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and a J.D. from the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law. She works every day in court, applying the law as it is written, to protect children and strengthen families. She hopes to bring her judicial experience and temperament to the Superior Court.

Judge Peck understands the importance of this responsibility and will serve every day with a fair, open mind to all