Republican Committee of Chester County


For over 150 years, Republican leadership has made Chester County a nationally-recognized, award-winning county government. We are proud to present our 2017 candidates.

Our Statewide Judicial Candidates

  • Justice Sallie Mundy for PA Supreme Court
  • Judge Emil Giordano for Superior Court
  • Judge Wade Kagerise for Superior Court
  • Judge Mary Murray for Superior Court
  • District Attorney Craig Stedman for Superior Court
  • Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon for Commonwealth Court
  • Paul Lalley for Commonwealth Court

Candidates for Magisterial District Judge

  • Judge Mark Bruno, District 15-1-01
  • John Hipple, District 15-3-01
  • Jane Donze, District 15-3-04
  • Judge Scott Massey, District 15-3-05
  • Judge Mike Cabry, District 15-3-06
  • Judge John Bailey, District 15-4-03

Court of Common Pleas Judges on the Ballot for Retention

  • Judge David Bortner
  • Judge Katherine Platt