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Robin Marcello: The Innovative Spirit of the County

During her first term, Robin Marcello has brought groundbreaking ideas and practices to the office of the Clerk of the Courts. She is now seeking a second term and wants to continue her efforts to reform county government.

Her broad background and experience of 30 years in insurance, management and consulting has prepared her for the Clerk of the Court’s office.

“I served many roles in the insurance industry, including a high standard in customer service and organization,” Marcello said.

The Clerk of Courts is an administrative position. Marcello is in charge of 29 employees and she has deeply studied the work flow and examined how tasks are done on a daily basis since her first day on the job.

The office handles all record keeping in criminal, juvenile delinquency & dependency cases in Chester County. The Clerk of Courts is also responsible for the safe keeping of evidence, expungements, receipting of bail postings, PennDOT filings, collections, bail bondsmen petitions, private detective licensing and various other responsibilities.

The accuracy of the record is extremely important, as the Clerk of Courts staff also enters the information into the statewide system, which is available as the public docket.

“The Clerk of the Courts is a service driven department,” Marcello said. “We strive to treat anyone who may enter our office with the upmost courtesy and professionalism.”

In addition to serving the general public, the Clerk of the Courts works with various departments within the county including the Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, Prison, Judges, Judges’ secretaries and law clerks.

“We have a very busy and fast paced office,” Marcello said. “Due to the fact that we handle so many different tasks, there is always a lot going on at one time on any given day.”

Marcello’s management experience led to her first important accomplishment as Clerk of the Courts. When she entered the office in 2014, she noticed that there were duplicate processes, which were preventing optimal productivity, resulting in a department history of untimely docketing and filing.

After extensively studying the work flow and business processes between the Clerk’s Office and other court related departments, her observations initiated work flow changes to the department, to increase efficiency, including an 18-month cross training project.

“It’s a good cohesive team environment,” Marcello commented.

However, Marcello’s landmark achievement was the idea of implementing a new document management system. The Document Management Innovation (DMI) is an imaging and work flow tracking system that can run reports to gauge and measure timely docketing by employees. Marcello also stated that this system goes hand-in-hand with monitoring the department budget, based upon the measures of the County’s Strategic Plan.

“The system is working phenomenally,” Marcello said.

The first meeting to develop the project commenced on July 22, 2015. Testing phases of DMI began in September of 2015. DMI officially went live February 16, 2016. The launch was seamless and significantly under the original estimated cost.

This comprehensive program utilizes 24-inch-wide dual screen computer monitors, two high speed scanners, a CPCMS system that is used to link data into the ImageNow system, which includes report servers, the Lexmark (ImageNow) Application and a Database with WebNow accessibility.

WebNow is a countywide internet program that provides department access for Judges, Judge’s Secretaries, Law Clerks, District Attorney’s, Public Defenders, Court Administration, Adult Probation Officers, Prison Offices and the County Sheriff.  Access to the system can be expanded to other departments in the county.

DMI was developed in collaboration with the Chester County Department of Computing and Informational Services (DCIS). DCIS helped with the programming of the software, based upon Marcello’s assessment of the operating needs of her office. The entire project was completed under an $80,000 budget, which is significantly less than purchasing an “out of the box” program.

Marcello stated that later this year, her office is looking to start Phase 2, which would include back scanning files from the 1990s to 2013. DMI won recognition from the National Association of Counties in 2016.

“This new digital imaging system has greatly improved the courts operations by capturing, storing, retrieving and sharing court records electronically that interact with our Courts’ case management system,” Marcello stated in a Sept. 23, 2016 article by the Chester County Times.

Marcello was born in the Twin Oaks section of Delaware County. She moved to Chester County in the 2nd grade, where she would grow up in New London. She would then graduate from Avon Grove High School.

From an early age, Marcello knew that she wanted to serve the public. While attending Avon Grove High School, she as involved with Future Business Leaders of America and Student Council.

“I always enjoyed leadership opportunities and anything revolving around civic duty or an opportunity to serve my community,” Marcello said.

Her experience in student council would then prepare her for her position as President of her college class at the Keystone School of Business in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Throughout her career, Marcello has experienced unexpected opportunities.

A college work co-op at a local insurance agency in Glen Mills led her into the insurance industry. She began as a receptionist, answering phones, filing and preparing proposals for the agents in the office. After being promoted and taking the state insurance exam, her career in the insurance industry was launched.

She has worked for State Farm, Nationwide and smaller firms throughout the Tri-State area. She has a broad spectrum of insurance and financial knowledge than spans over 30 years.

“I worked really hard,” Marcello said. “Opportunities sometimes come up that you may not have ever considered and I feel very fortunate for that.”

Marcello became involved in local politics by serving as Judge of Elections, Republican Committeewoman, and Republican Area Chair.

She was elected the first female Penn Township supervisor in 2007. She recalled that planning commission chair was her favorite position in Penn Township government. However, her term was ending and she transitioned easily in the Clerk’s office in 2014.

“I really enjoyed serving in municipal government,” Marcello said. “It was a great experience.”

Marcello stated that the Clerk of the Courts is an office that came unexpectedly. Her predecessor was not running for a second term, which allowed her to run for that office. She voiced her interest in continuing public service. She wanted to continue to serve the residents of Chester County.

“It was perfect timing,” Marcello said.

She is very active in the community outside the office of Clerk of Courts. Not only is she an NRA safety instructor, she is a volunteer for her church’s Joseph’s People chapter. This organization is a non-denomination Christian organization that helps under and unemployed professionals find work. It is free and open to people of all faiths.

Marcello’s accomplishments in her first term have helped to put Chester County on the map. Re-electing Robin Marcello will ensure that the “well-oiled machine” of efficiency keeps going to newer heights.

Written by Press Relations Intern, Brenden Curry