Republican Committee of Chester County

RCCC Re-Organization Convention

WEST CHESTER, PA - Members of the Republican Committee of Chester County met on Tuesday, June 12th at Fugett Middle School to reorganize following committee elections in the May 2018 Primary Election. With 236 committee members present in person or by proxy, the Republican Committee voted to elect the following party officers:

• Chairman- Val DiGiorgio, Esq.
• Executive Vice Chair- Steve Sansone
• Vice Chair- Barb Proto
• Treasurer- Curt Norcini, Esq.
• Financial Secretary- Joe Toner
• Secretary- Robin Marcello
• Assistant Secretary- Kate Collins

Chairman Val DiGiorgio was re-elected to serve for a 2-year term as Chairman of the Republican Committee of Chester County. Chairman DiGiorgio was first elected chairman in the fall of 2011, and has proudly served in that capacity since. In his speech to the gathered committee, Chairman DiGiorgio stated, “We will work diligently to return our house delegation to Harrisburg. Our Representatives have held the line against the Governor’s repeated tax increase attempts.” Chairman DiGiorgio continued, “Representatives Warren Kampf and Becky Corbin have been leaders in the House, and I am eager for them to be joined by our esteemed youth movement of candidates such as Rep. Eric Roe, Amber Little-Turner in the 74th and Nick Deminski in the 156th.” Chairman DiGiorgio finished with, “As I have often said, when this party is united, we cannot be defeated.” Chairman DiGiorgio concurrently serves as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

The committee members also heard from Greg McCauley, candidate for the 6th Congressional. McCauley spoke on the need to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington D.C. and how his experience as a tax attorney has prepared him to address issues like the national debt and student loan funding.