Republican Committee of Chester County

Congressional Redistricting in Pennsylvania

Elections clearly have consequences, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's outrageous and unprecedented ruling regarding redistricting shows that. A politically motivated judicial activist court -- led by the three Democrats justices who won in 2015 -- have ordered our General Assembly to redraw congressional district lines without providing any guidance to our legislature. Clearly, the Democrats are doing what the left has been doing for a generation -- trying to undo in the courts that which they could not win at the ballot box.

On Monday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed a well-thought-out and intellectually sound Amicus Brief with the United States Supreme Court in an effort to support Senator Scarnati and Speaker Turzai. The brief was drafted by Republican Party of Pennsylvania General Counsel Joel Frank -- kudos to Joel for his good work.

I am pleased to share with you that the New York Post recognized our filing along with other Pennsylvania news organizations: PA Home Page and City & State. In addition to the official legal argument, it is important to spread our constitution-based argument to voters throughout the Commonwealth to also win in the court of public opinion. To that end, please share our PRESS RELEASE on your social media pages.

With respect to timing and procedure, Justice Alito -- who reviews emergency appeals from Pennsylvania -- has asked the League of Women Voters (the plaintiffs) to provide a response to the request for an emergency Stay by February 4th. Given this deadline, we are anticipating that the Supreme Court will make their ruling this coming Monday or Tuesday.

I will be in touch as more details become available. Thank you for your continued support of our Party.


Val DiGiorgio
Republican Committee of Chester County